SHS Silkie Sales

From time to time we offer silkies for sale -

From chicks to adults. This page will give you some general information about our pricing, our care of the birds we sell, as well as other details. 

General Pricing


 Straight run up to 8 weeks $25 each
Straight run 2-4 months $35 each
Straight Run 4-6 months:

     *BQ/SQ: $45
     *PQ: $35
6 Months & Up:

       *BQ/SQ Pullets & Hens $60
       *BQ/SQ  Cockerels & Cocks $40
       *PQ $40


BQ: Breeder Quality – May have a slight fault(s) would be points off at a show, but still useful in the breeding pen

SQ: Show Quality – speaks for itself. 

PQ: Pet Quality – Faults that would lead to disqualification if show


Additional Information


Live Bird Shipping

*Please be aware that we do not ship live birds. We feel that due to the stress associated with being shipped is not worth putting our birds at risk. If you are unable to pick up locally, or meet me throughout my travels... I may be able to refer you to a breeder who either does ship, or lives closer and within driving range of you. 

Selling in Pairs

Females & Males may be sold as pairs from time to time. In this event, prices will be adjusted accordingly.

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