Please understand that I am NOT a veterinarian.

The following is very important for you to read and clearly understand.

  • Any advice, medical files, suggestions, or articles you view on this site or those included in our Emergency Kits are based solely on my research of Avian/Poultry medicine, and my 18+ years of professional experience working as a Veterinary Technician.

  • Any suggested medications may be, and will be noted if so, "off label" for use in poultry. Any FDA non-approved, off-label antimicrobial, given to poultry should always adhere to a standard, 4 week egg withdrawal period.

  • Dosing instructions come directly from the "Plumbs Veterinary Manual".

  • Files or medical information provided to you either on this website or within the SHS Emergency Kit is NOT a substitution for taking your chicken to a Veterinarian.

  • Any illness or emergency involving your chicken should be seen by a licensed Veterinarian.