Current Availability of Hatching Eggs

 I am not actively selling birds or hatching eggs right now.  When I begin selling again, I will send out an email to those subscribed to our website newsletter. So I encourage you to sign up for our mailing list so you will be the first to know when birds or hatching eggs are available! 


What to Expect When You Are Expecting (Our Shipped Eggs)

Our Promise To You

Here at Sweetheart Silkies Farm, we are very proud of the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our chickens' living spaces... including their nest boxes. Having fresh, clean, and dry bedding in each nest assures that the eggs do not become soiled prior to collecting them. Of course, every now and then one of the ladies may have an accident in her nest, but I will collect only the cleanest and most perfect silkie hatching eggs to send to your home. Collected eggs will never be older than 4 days when shipped to increase air sac stability.

Once the eggs leave my care, I am obviously unable to ensure they are handled properly. This is an unfortunate risk one takes when purchasing shipped hatching eggs from any agricultural service. While I can’t guarantee they will all arrive in the same condition they left in, you have invested in these eggs, and your happiness is important to me. I encourage you to remain in contact with me, and alert me to any issues or worries you may have regarding your hatch.

What You Need To Know

A dozen eggs plus extras is $95.00 including shipping. I will contact you to give you a heads up as to when I begin to gather your eggs and when to expect them. At that time we will discuss how you would like them delivered. (Hold at Post Office, or delivered to your door.) You may pay for your eggs by scrolling towards the bottom of this page. Please do not submit any payment without first contacting me regarding the availability.

Our hatching eggs will include the colors/varieties of white, paint, black and buff. The chicks you hatch will also be a variety or combination of Frizzle Satin, Smooth Satin, Naked Necks (Showgirls) and/or Regular Silkie Bantams.

We only have 30 or so adult laying hens, and choose to only ship eggs less than 4 days old. Because we keep a small flock, we do not offer only one variety or color. Eggs must be a mixed dozen.

We take great pride in our flock! Scroll down to take a look at a few testimonials sent to me by some happy customers, as well as a collaboration of pictures of our silkies.

Because I know how important these hatching eggs are to you, and how passionate we all are about our fluff butts, I always like to share a few tips that were passed down to me in regards to hatching shipped eggs: Hatching Tips