SHS Board Members

Gretchen Suggs, President


Gretchen is the founder of Sweetheart Silkies Inc. She has 18+ years working as a Veterinary Technician, and the health and science of animal care has always been a passion of hers. Learning is never ending! She currently has a small flock of frizzled silkies, two inside house chickens, and lots of other critters on the farm. If she is not loving on her chickens, or riding her horse, she is most likely at a rock concert! She loves to read, and enjoys music immensely! 

Monique Sabo, Vice President


Monique Sabo has enjoyed raising her backyard flock for 9+ years.  After keeping many breeds she has fallen in love with Silkies and has dedicated many years to breeding towards the Standard of Perfection whether for exhibition purposes or simply pets.  She really enjoys their quirky personalities and loves to share her passion with fellow enthusiasts.  Besides her love for poultry, she is also an avid equestrian and is actively involved with schooling her retired race horse. Her experience, great ideas, and huge heart adds so much to our organization.

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Jennifer Pike, Treasurer


Jennifer is an invaluable member of Sweetheart Silkies, Inc. She is an amazingly talented artist. She runs her own business, "" and creates everything from decals, logos, awards for poultry shows, and my personal favorite... unique plush chickens. Jen pours her heart and soul into everything she does, and is the talent behind all the illustrations in our files and articles. Jen lives on her peaceful farm with many abused or once unwanted birds & animals. The animals inspire her everyday with their funny antics and interactions and provide serenity.

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