Reliable Sources

If its on the internet, its true? Eh... Not so much. 

Knowing your resources when researching chicken health and maintenance  makes all the difference.  Universities and feed partners partake in peer review, which contributes to accurate information taken from proven studies.

Wake up call!

Your vet did not go through years of schooling to be shot down by that one Facebook group member know it all.

Facebook, private websites, even your neighbors or self-proclaimed, experts do not always have the correct answers. And while at times the institutions I mentioned above may offer conflicting information, one is and will continue to be consistently more accurate than the other. 

I am constantly learning... and still make mistakes. Knowledge is a never-ending quest.

Because reliable information in regards to your flocks health, safety, and preservation is SO SO important, I have compiled a list of websites that are my personal "go to" places for learning and research. Whether you are simply continuing your education, or researching symptoms you are seeing in your own flock, below are some websites I highly recommend checking out!


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